Steve Boyd is a musician from Detroit who had a hit with local group, Five Special entitled "Why Leave Us Alone" back in 1979. Since then, he's worked with another local group called Private School, and Ron Banks and the Dramatics.Currently, he's touring and recording with George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, singing lead on Bop Gun and any number of duties that arise. 4:20 DRIVE TIME is a strong collection of r&b, hip-hop and funk. This is his solo debut and it features a few covers, but mostly new material. The musicians are taken from his association with band Private School: Anthony Booker (guitar), Mark Woodard (bass), Gabe Gonzales (drums), Greg Dokes (keyboards), Ron Smith (guitar). Plus guests include Cool Ace, Michael Clip Payne, Sedric Butler, Jeff Bass, Lil Steve, Amp Fiddler, Froggadelic, Jay Double U, Cordell "Boogie" Mosson. Steve serves as principal songwriter, producer, main and background vocalist. George Clinton serves as guest vocalist and co-producer.

Steve has a mellow alto and tenor voice which is evident in the opening tune "When I Make You Mine" (5:07). It features a nice perky synth riff in the back as Steve croons. He seems to brings number of "love men" to mind: like Teddy Pendergrass, James Ingram and Bobby Womack with a haunting "I believe in you" ad-lib fading at the end.

"A Nite On The Town" (5:42) is a slightly sweetened piece of funk with Steve encouraging his lady to get ready for a night out that might even "end up in Tokyo." Background string synth effectively sweetens the mix herewith a nice bumping drum backbeat on the bridge.

Real funk gets kicked off with Ohh Hey (3:52), its got a simple bass line and the horn section uses classic Horny Horn-type riffs as Steve croons and yearns. Drums and co-production and composition are by former Parlet drummer Jim Wright aka Jay Double U.

Steves nods to Old School are quite impressive. The first one is a salute to Sly Stone with a very soulful rendition of If You Want Me to Stay (4:12). There are some classic Parliaments vocals harmonizing at the chorus break with George Clinton doing a "doo-doo-doo-a doo-doo" shifting between each channel. A sweet reminder of Clintons doo-wop roots.

Niggas Be On The Grind (3:32) presents some hip-hop flavas. Lewd and wicked; brings to mind rap on P-Funks Niggerish. Clinton is in back in the mix with a sassy young raptress. Credits say that's Shonda, his daughter. Steves falsetto chimes in the background with a tag reminiscent of the Tempts "Message To a Black Man". Theres some classic Clintonian word play with ";clockin' chips off the block" and "the grind rate is rising."

"Lets Make It Happen" (4:05) features a beat and samples from "Atomic Dog. Hard driving funk is on the course here.

Fussin & Fightin (3:01) has a nice finger poppin' a capella start. Steve uses a soul falsetto and harkens to James Ingram for his whooping howls. Sweet and sexy with layered chorus building at the bridge.

Uuh Uuh Uuh (7:46) starts as an instrumental with a synth bass that evokes a bit of Bernie Worrell. It adds rhythm guitar, handclaps and drums with string synths in the back. Then it builds into a hip-hop with raps courtesy of Lil Steve. A good piece of hip-hop funk.

There seems to be a lot of James Ingram on I Care (About You) (4:45). Nice funky beat to dance to and the vocals are totally smashing!

Even Stephen (4:13) is simply, a great soul song. Its all about breaking up and making a clean break. Its got a nice lush background with an acoustic guitar laying in and synth bass pumping as Steve croons. More Teddy evoked when Steve starts "talkin' 'bout a 50-50 love."

Gangster Melody (4:35) brings more hip-hop flavas to the disc. The track pumps a beat with an anti-gangbanging message.

As (2.52) is another old school cover. We fade into this Stevie Wonder tune in the midst of distorted cymbals, bass and guitar. Lush harmonizing in the background, but its stripped down to a Funkadelic style.

The next three tunes are remixes of earlier tunes Even Stephen (Amp Fiddler remix) (5:09), If You Want Me To Stay (3:50) and Even Stephen (hip hop remix) (4:17). Then there is a live recording of When I Make You Mine retitled My Love Is Waiting (5:30) which features more of Steves mellow harmonizing.

Overall, 4:20 DRIVE TIME is an excellent serving of mellow soul and hard funk. This is sure to be a cult favorite and deserves wider distribution from a major label. It looks like good things are on the horizon for Steve. There are plans for his group, Private School to get together and play these tunes. Keep your ears open for some major noise.

Reviewed For TheFunkStore.com..By/Noted P-Funk Scholar&Los Angeles CA. Writer~Clyde"CM"Talley

1.When I Make You Mine
2.Nite On The Town
3.Ooh Hey ~ListenNow
5.Niggas Be On The Grind
6.Lets Make It Happen ~ListenNow
8.Uuh Uuh Uuh ~ListenNow
9.I Care
10.EvenStephen(guitar mix) ~ListenNow
11.Gangster Melody ~ListenNow
12.As ~ListenNow
13.EvenStephen(amp fiddler mix)
14.Stay ~ListenNow
15.EvenStephen(hip hop mix) ~ListenNow
16.My Love Is Waiting(Live In Detroit) ~ListenNow

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