Clip Paynes~Cacophonic Fm-After The Smoke Cleared

Micheal"Clip"Payne ,who produced and performs throughout this project ,which is essentially his,is always a dude who is a role model for a Funkadelic.If you want to see how a Funkadelic looks,acts,dresses,frees his mind..and plays.How many cats have the nerve to do George Clinton's part of the funk like 'Maggot's Prelude' or 'Eulogy & Light'? Well, he wasn't just blowing smoke signals as one can witness on this CD, Cacophonic FM- 'After The Smoke Cleared' It's Alice in Funkyland meets the Sopranos as the Funk Mob takes us on a trip through the tunnel on 'The Journey','Funk History Pt.2',and 'Honey Psychiatry'.The cover art by Ron"Stozo"Edwards coincides with the music perfectly.The cd has been fired up and it's time to see the wonders of the land.Trees,shrooms all the landscape of a place at 4:20. It's 'Suicide' if you try to outfunk them on the next cut though


So why test?He talks trash in the tradition of 'Funkadelic's 'Let's Take It To The Stage'mentality.But like Ali,he'll talk stuff ,then he backs it up with an assemblage of superb musicians from all over the world such as Joseph"Amp"Fiddler,Tony Allen,Paul Hill,Gabe Gonzales,Jean Gillet,The Flash,Ron Priest Smith,Gael Barbieri,and many more. 'Inhale Slowly' features Paul Hill on lead vocal.It is a smooth funky well sung tune ,that has a reggae/funk feel with some very flashy guitar by The Flash.Clip who co-produced this song with Paul and Amp, also programmed the drums, plays synth,and sings. 'Shroom' the next cut belongs in a swami retreat or hasish house.It sways and flows like a belly dancers navel.It has drummer Tony Allen on percussion from Fela Kuti fame,as well Clip Payne on drum programming. 'I Never Thought That..'features Gary"Mudbone"Cooper who is easily one of the best funk singers of all time.On this ballad you hear his perfect pitch and in tune singing.THIS GUY CAN"SANG"!His voice is as crisp as it was in the 70s when he helped to make Bootsy's Rubber Band the best in recording funky slow jams.'I Never Thought That..' is in line with Mudbone's great perfomances,and the song is a touching testimony to faith in love. "Alright,we're out of the bed now.It's time to jam!"-Bootsy And 'Fm Static' the next song,on into 'La La Land',and 'No Sleep Lullaby'are right back at that groove that makes you want to shake as Jean Gillet plays some smooth sax.While co-producer Clip Payne plays drums ,synth and toy guitar.The electronic even seems organic as the jazzy riffs are only enough to keep the groove moving.

The programming is used only enough to be organically manipulated.A very analog sounding digital doo! On'Make It For You' Clip and Louise Alenius Boserup sing a duet with a rhythm guitar ,flute,and rim shot that will mellow you right out.Clip's vocal is vintage George Clinton style and reminds me of Parliament as they did tunes for 'Up For The Downstroke' like 'I Just Got Back..' Gary "Mudbone"Cooper bounces off the groove on 'Say Yeah(Whoo Yeah)',a bright funky tune.Fixi Bossard lays down some peppie zip to the synths.Mudbone Cooper delivers once again with some strong front ground vocals as he warns that he will take a serious chance at romance. The formula for the next two songs 'The Meltdown',and 'C'mon Ya'll Don't Stop''features a hard bunch of musicians who have also have been known as Enemy Squad, Ultra Unit 420,or Cadillac Heights.On 'The Meltdown'Clip is on bass,drums,and keys.Gabriel"Undi$co"Kidd on percussion and cuts, Lonnie Motley on bass,Ron Priest Smith on guitar,and Joseph "Amp"Fiddler on keyboards and organs.On'C'Mon Ya'll Don't Stop' Gabriel Gonzales is the voice and provides the samples.It sounds like a night mission creeping behind the enemy lines of the BLAHS with bop guns set on Splank!

Lige Curry,George Clinton,Ray Davis,Fuzzy Haskins,Grady Thomas,and Calvin Simon ,all the original Parliaments plus one,harmonize on the cut 'Gimme,Gimme,Gimme'.A tease and a surprise of a reprise of one of the greatest P-Funk songs never heard! 'Summer In The City' mellows again as Tony Allen gives the song a "rim shot" drum from Africa via France.As Jean Gillet plays some relaxing saxophone.Clip's vocal,once again is jazzy and laid back like George's style of the 70s peak.He is also playing percussion and produced the track. The last tune'Honey Psychiatry' is a blues funk dark ditty that points to a place that is very seldom placed in the light.A funky man has to sit down with a lady Dr. who must examine,diagnose,and administer a solution as to why the man is in such a funk.It reminds me of a popular TV show where a known mobster goes to a shrink. "AW ,WHAT A PRETTY SHRINK" "YOU MUST BE CRAZY!" The guitars,vocals,and loops on 'Honey Psychiatry' are all done by none other than "THE MAN IN THE BOX"Micheal"Clip"Payne. And the only help the guy in the song probably needed was to cop this CD!...~ Reviewed By Noted P-Funk Historian/Robert"Maggot Minister"Ward

1.The Journey
2.Funk History pt.2
3.Suicide ~ListenNow
4.Puff Slowly ~ListenNow
6.I Never Thought That...
7.F.M. Static
8.La La Land
9.No Sleep Rhapsody
10.Make It For You ~ListenNow
11.Say Yeah(Whoa Yeah)
12.The Melt Down ListenNow
13.C'mon Don't Stop Y'all
14.Gimme,Gimme,Gimme ~ListenNow

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