So this is what the boys have been up to. It seems as though Original P, the founding members of Parliament Funkadelic (sans George Clinton), instead of releasing an album on themselves have opted for passing the funk blowtorch to the next generation of hip hop funksters. Thus, the Old School once again meets the New as “Original P Introduces the Hyped Up Westbound SolJaz” first full-length cd. The formula here is pretty simple; a testosterone-fueled, street vibed, heavy P-funk inclined romp through bass-o-sauric old school pfunk beats with gansta rap sensibilities and a dose of funkadelia over the top of it all. Not since the glory days of the Digital Underground have the samples been so fresh and funky and I must admit, there is some pretty creative stuff going on all thru the mix. The Original P add their distinctive vocal chops all over the record, most notably the earthquake rumblings of the low end bass vibrations from the pharynx of one Ray Davis and the seamlessly smooth tenor soaring of Calvin Simon. Long time Pfunk All-Star Davis even recreates his now classic Tear the Roof Off the Sucker intro for the Soljaz’ “Turn This Mutha Out”.

Even though most of the raps here are bent on having a 420 inspired good time, there is plenty of introspection and message, as is heard on a stunningly freshdelic take on Funkadelic’s “One Nation”, just one of the many samples recognizable on the effort. Make no mistake about it, its all covered here. From the rocked out psychedelia of early Funkadelic (“Hit It and Quit It”, “I’ve Got a Thang”), to the pimp beat of mid- 70s Parliament; the group shines the Flashlight on “Street Life” and revisits Parliament’s “Children of Production” for “P-On You”. There is even a spacey take on Funkadelic’s “How do Yiew View You” for the Soljaz’ “You You You” (another cut that showcases Ray’s ever fonkin on vocal chops), and an ode to the ‘pussy control’ on a reworking of Funkadelic’s “Never Gonna Tell It”.

Westbound Soljaz leave no stone unturned as they get into a millennial version of GC’s Atomic Dog 2002 with a ‘story about some funkyard dogs’. They even sample the first ever Pfunk All-Stars single “Hydraulic Pump” on one of the tracks and get into the chorus of Funkadelic’s “Cholly”.

So as you can see, musically it’s a trip back through time, when One Nation was really under a groove. Westbound Soljaz prove that for the most part it still is. Old funkheads will no doubt appreciate the new life given to Pfunk classic jams and vamps, while the younger audience can relate to the hardcore street vibe mentality of the party rap. Overall, this urban dancefloor groove will have you shaking that ass, stomping your feet and clapping your hands, putting a hump in your back and getting off. It really took me back to the glorious days of thy youth, when a young mug had just discovered the treasures and pleasures of the Pee.

Reviewed For Journalist&Atlanta Radio Personality~"Bustin'"Bob Mitchell

1.Take Charlie When We Ride ~ListenNow
2.You You You ~ListenNow
3.P-On You ~ListenNow
4.Atomic Dawg 2002 ~ListenNow
5.One Nation ~ListenNow
6.What's It All About ~ListenNow
7.Hit It And Quit It ~ListenNow
8.I've Got A Thang ~ListenNow
9.Street Life ~ListenNow
10.Neva Gonna Tell It ~ListenNow
11.Turn This Motha Out ~ListenNow
12.Jump Up In The Air ~ListenNow

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