The THC Mercenaries are comin' at you hard.With some funky beats and some vicous rap.If you think the drama on the street that was reported by Tupac,or Biggie was over,the THC Mercenaries will remind you quick,that it's not always pop or slick. From the musical family of Parliament/Funkadelic,these,the next generation of Shiders,are not only adept at the mic,as many of the young brothers are today,but they also play instruments and sing just like the chips off the old funk block.It happens to get hot from the ATL to Chocolate City,Maryland and surrounding areas, where it's nothing funny.

As you blaze your indo sacks,watch your brother's back.You have to make your money,protect your honey,and let mugs know..",I AIN'T TAKIN' NO JACKS'! Of the many tracks 'Party' is the one that caught me with 'P' up front.With their father Garry"Diaperman Shider"Shider on the backing vocal,Hydro the Dirty Dog,the Seedless Boy Wonder,and their funk boy Twisted lay it down. This release is nonstop action! WARNING: So take that ride up 95 North with some players who don't play! Bumpin' a groove that's hypnotic and bound to have you moving with the troops to some funky ass loops.Everybooty wiggling ,but no rootie poots!

Reviewed By Noted P-Funk Historian/Robert"Maggot Minister"Ward

1.Ghetto Anthem
2.Keepin' It Real ~ListenNow
3.Laughin' At Me
4.This Is For The Streets
5.Fake Ni**as
6.R U Ready For Dog ~ListenNow
7.Been Around The World
8.Party (fea.GARRY SHIDER) ~ListenNow
9.Never Take Us Alive ~ListenNow
10.Big Bluff Talk
11.Intro:Tired Of That Shit
12.Tired Of That Shit
13.Street Tales
14.I Don't Give A F*ck ~ListenNow

©2002/THC Mercenaries

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