Third World: Ultimate Collection They have been going strong for nearly thirty years, and hold the distinction of being the longest running self-contained band from Jamaica. It is their supreme standard of musicianship, keen harmonic vocal abilities, and creative, individual song writing skills that have enabled the group to build the broad international fan base that has helped sustain their longevity. These positive and individual elements have defined Third World’s popularity, making the group a band of reggae survivors that continues to spread uplifting messages through an approachable sound that crosses boundaries. The band has undergone several personnel changes since their official formation in 1973, but such changes have aided their survival by injecting fresh life into the group, ultimately causing various shifts in musical direction. To understand the group’s progression, it is perhaps best to first look at the history of a related self-contained unit: the Inner Circle group, active since the late 1960s. That group included some key members who would later form the core of Third World, namely guitarist Stephen “Cat” Coore, keyboardist Michael “Ibo” Cooper, vocalist Milton “Prilly” Hamilton and percussionist Irving “Carrot” Jarrett; William “Bunny Rugs” Clark, who has been Third World’s lead singer and figurehead since 1976, says he first performed with these musicians in Inner Circle upon returning to Jamaica from New York towards the end of 1969.


1.Satta Massagana
3.Human Market Place
5.1865 (96° in the Shade)
6.Jah Glory
7.Cool Meditation
8.Now That We Found Love [single version]
9.Uptown Rebel
10.Always Around
11.Roots with Quality
12.Who Gave You (Jah Rastafari)
13.Try Jah Love [single version]
14.Sense of Purpose [single version]
15.Dem Man Deh
16.Reggae Ambassador
17.Forbidden Love [single version]
18.Committed [single version]
19.Take This Song
20.One Song (Nyahbinghi)

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