T-REX - ULTIMATE COLLECTION Marc Bolan & T. Rex - 20th Century Boy: The Ultimate Collection [ORIGINAL RECORDINGS REMASTERED] There was a time… Between fall 1970 and late 1972, Marc Bolan and T Rex were just about the biggest band in the world. A chain reaction of UK chart-toppers, mass hysteria in Australia and Japan, monster best-sellers all across Europe, they even scored an era-defining smash hit in America, storming the Top 10 with the anthemic “Bang A Gong,” then hitting the Top 20 with the album The Slider. Quite simply, everywhere you turned, the T Rex sound thundered out to greet you – and then drag you into the wildest party of the age. “Ride A White Swan,” “Hot Love,” “Get It On (Bang A Gong),” “Jeepster,” “Telegram Sam,” “Metal Guru” – at a time when rock’n’roll was still trying to figure out how to put the 1960s behind it, Bolan shook his mane of corkscrew curls, cranked up an amplifier full of updated Chuck Berry, poured a bucketful of glitter into a cauldron of full tilt boogie poetry, and gave birth to the ‘70s without breaking a sweat. The electric warrior who was born to boogie, Bolan blueprinted Glam Rock, prophesized Punk and transformed the simple Pop record into the greatest art on earth. The magic still lingers. T Rex covers abound, from Siouxsie and the Banshees to Blondie, from Guns n' Roses to the Power Station – who scored a positively monstrous hit in 1985, with their own recasting of “Bang A Gong.” The band’s music has been absorbed into the world of advertising, selling everything from jeans to automobiles; even Hollywood has proved unable to resist the instant excitement of a great T Rex record. Moulin Rouge (“Children Of The Revolution”), The Acid House and Breaking The Waves (“Hot Love”), Someone Like You (“Bang A Gong”), Billy Elliot (“I Love To Boogie”) and The Truman Show and Velvet Goldmine (“20th Century Boy”) have all been enlivened by the inclusion of Bolan’s natural-born glamour.


1.Deborah- Tyrannosauras Rex
2.One Inch Rock- Tyrannosauras Rex
3.King Of The Rumbling Spires- Tyrannosauras Rex
4.By The Light Of The Magical Moon- Tyrannosauras Rex
5.Elemental Child- Tyrannosauras Rex
6.Ride A White Swan
7.Summertime Blues
9.Beltane Walk
10.Hot Love
11.Get It On (Bang A Gong)
12.There Was A Time/Raw Ramp
13.Cosmic Dancer
15.Telegram Sam
16.Metal Guru
17.Mystic Lady
18.The Slider
19.Children Of The Revolution
20.Solid Gold Easy Action
21.20th Century Boy
22.Born To Boogie
23.I Love To Boogie

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