QUINCY JONES -THE REEL QUINCY JONES Jones, Quincy: The Reel Quincy Jones In 1963, musical renaissance man Quincy Jones composed his first score for a Hollywood film, The Pawnbroker. That experience would lead him on a 22 year journey through music for film and television, which he began in earnest in 1965 when he left New York's Mercury Records for California to pursue scoring full-time. Collected here is some of Quincy's best compositions for the more than 50 films, mini-series and television series which he has scored.


1.Theme From The Bill Cosby Show - Hikky-Burr/Bill Cosby
2.From Austin Powers - Soul Bossa Nova/Quincy Jones
3.From The Color Purple - The Dirty Dozens/Quincy Jones
4.Theme From Sanford & Son - The Streetbeater/Quincy Jones
5.From The Wiz - Poppy Girls/Quincy Jones
6.From $ - Money Runner/Quincy Jones
7.From In The Heat Of The Night - Peep-Freak Patrol Car/Quincy Jones
8.From For Love of Ivy - You Put It On Me/B.B. King
9.Theme from "The Anderson Tapes" - Quincy Jones
10.From Pawnbroker - Rack 'Em Up/Quincy Jones
11.Call Me Mister Tibbs/Quincy Jones
12.From The Lost Man - Main Squeeze/Quincy Jones
13.From Roots - Many Rains Ago (African Theme/English Version)
14.Leita Mbulu with the Quincy Jones Orchestra & The Wattsline Choir
15.Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice/Quincy Jones
16.From the Pawnbroker - Harlem Drive/Quincy Jones
17.From Mirage - Shoot to Kill/Quincy Jones
18.From MacKenna's Gold - Cañon del Oro/Quincy Jones
19.From John & Mary - Maybe Tomorrow/Evie Sands & Quincy Jones

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