PEBBLES - GREATEST HITS PEBBLES GREATEST HITS Ahead of its time. It's a term you hear all often. In fact, it's bandied about so flippantly that when something comes along that indeed IS ahead of it's time, it just sounds cliche'. Yet, for Pebbles - an artist whose sound and style paved the way for latter day divas like Paula Abdul, Toni Braxton and Jennifer Lopez, among others, there's no better turn of phrase.


1.Love Makes Things Happen (Single Version)
2.Always (Single Version)
3.It's Alright
4.Giving You The Benefit (Single Version)
5.Girlfriend (Single Version)
6.Backyard (Single Version)
7.Mercedes Boy (Single Remix Version)
8.Give Me Your Love
9.Take Your Time (Single Version)
10.I Can't Help It
11.Are You Ready? (Single Version)
12.Do Me Right (Single Version)
13.Why Do I Believe

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