PATTI LABELLE - GREATEST LOVE SONGS LaBelle, Patti: Greatest Love Songs Only a special force of nature can own a name as uniquely fabulous as LaBelle and still end up universally known as simply...Patti. And its all because of that Voice. To say there is simply something about it, is to indulge in the rhetorical, but indulge me: There is something about Pattis voice. It is a sonic chameleon, that voice, able to present the gamut of emotion joy, pain and practically every cerebral quirk in between with an innate, artful verve and soulful ingenuity that is distinctly, unquestionably Patti. Have you noticed that, at least in this universe, there are virtually no Patti LaBelle imitators? It is difficult to effectively emulate Pattis portrayals of romantic bliss or heartbreak residue. That voice, whether interpreting down-home glee at one turn, heart-tugging anguish the next and true love and aching uncertainty at yet another take, is striking in its unflinching sincerity and passion. Soul singers are called soul singers for a reason. If Patti recited nursery rhymes, you can believe that ditty about Mary and her little lamb would emanate from somewhere deep, down inside, and wed no doubt get another view of what that little girl was really going through (and what Mary was going through, too).


1.Someone Like You
2.The Right Kinda Lover single version
3.Joy to Have Your Love single version
4.Love, Need and Want You single version
5.If You Asked Me To single version
6.You Are My Friend
7.Love is Just a Whisper Away
8.Im in Love
9.Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is) single version
10.Im in Love Again
12.You Are My Solid Ground
13.This Word is All
14.I Never Stopped Loving You
15.When You Talk About Love single version
16.If You Only Knew single version
17.I Dont Go Shopping

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