Various: Heart Of Soul 2 We’ve gathered again to discuss Love. But let’s get to the brass tacks – what is Love?… Not easy to explain, is it, my children? So let’s think about what represents Love to you: a little known neighborhood restaurant that’s “Your Place,” the candlelight’s reflection on the wineglass eclipsed by the sparkle in your partner’s eyes. Perhaps a sunset walk on the beach, the rolling surf clearing a pristine path in the sand, as the falling sun splashes colors only the heavens can blend across the sky’s dome. What about that park bench at the river’s edge where you sat and talked late that one afternoon until twilight’s purple yielded to the distant amber of an urban night? Even your own intimate living space, dimly yet warmly lit, on a side table a lone stick of incense burning, its spindrift fragrance silhouetted by candlelight. When you think of these places, when you replay the scene, what comes to mind? Exactly – the music. The mellow tones. Your Song. We all have it, yet it’s uniquely, exquisitely personal. Every memory floats on a river of melody. You can’t think of the time, the place, their scent, their face, without the music running underneath. Your private soundtrack. Similarly, the song isn’t a free spirit, traveling with only a flower and its pocket change. From the very first note, it takes you there, to that moment, perhaps when you fell in love for the first time, or, sadly, fell out of love for the last. Regardless, the song still gives you pause, makes your heart race, gives you goose bumps, makes you smile and warms your soul.


1.Mya featuring Sisqo – It’s All About Me
2.Brian McKnight – The Only One For Me
3.Mary J. Blige – Sweet Thing
4.Dru Hill – Tell Me
5.BLACKstreet – Before I Let You Go
6.Montell Jordan – I Can Do That
7.SOLO – Where Do U Want Me To Put It
8.Tony Toni Toné – (Lay Your Head on My) Pillow
9.Boyz II Men – I’ll Make Love To You
10.The Isley Brothers – Tears
11.Johnny Gill – My, My, My
12.Kelly Price – Friend Of Mine

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