GINO VANNELLI Ultimate Collection Gino Vannelli, is one of the greatest musicians and most intriguing artists of our time. Part philosopher, musician, composer and poet, he brings these talents together in his music. He is a perfectionist, breaking all the rules to journey to the heart and soul of a musical inspiration. Vannelli's incredible string of hit recordings, and his renowned gifts as a vocalist, composer, and lyricist place him in a league with the great interpreters of popular song. Throughout his career, Vannelli has explored new modes of expression, from his ground breaking 1970s work with synthesizers to his current recording, Slow Love, which marks a new peak in the singer's evolution. Vannelli's early career ascended just when he thought all hope of a career in music was lost. After being rejected by a string of labels, Vannelli was finally discovered by A&M co-founder, Herb Alpert. Thus began a fertile relationship with A&M, resulting in a series of top-selling recordings that fused jazz, pop, soul, and funk in a musical vision that featured Vannelli's gorgeous voice and impeccable styling. These early recordings include Crazy Life, and then Powerful People with the hit song, "People Gotta Move". In addition to earning him his first of several Grammy® nominations, Vannelli also used Powerful People to introduce audiences to the innovative textures of the newly invented synthesized keyboard. Continuing to break boundaries with his band's supercharged, mini-orchestral approach, as well as with his remarkable voice and songwriting ability, Vannelli's next three albums [Storm At Sunup (1975), Gist Of The Gemini (1976), and A Pauper in Paradise (1978)] were met with critical acclaim. Vannelli's pursuit of his musical vision eventually led to his 1978 breakthrough commercial triumph, the platinum-selling Brother to Brother, featuring the #1 pop success, "I Just Wanna Stop". Vannelli, along with his brothers Joe and Ross, had by now earned five consecutive Juno awards as Canada's Top Male Vocalist, Producer, and Engineer of the Year, respectively. Gino also received another Grammy® nomination for Best Pop Performance. 1981 heralded Vannelli's most adventurous album to date, Nightwalker, with its incredibly popular single "Living Inside Myself" (and a fourth Grammy® nomination). He followed with the platinum-selling Black Cars in the mid-80s, and then Big Dreamers Never Sleep (recorded at his Blue Moon Studios). Gino Vannelli: Ultimate Collection is the first career-spanning compilation that includes his recordings from A&M and Arista Records.

1.Appaloosa (4:43)
2.I Just Wanna Stop (3:36)
3.Living Inside Myself (4:24)
4.Hurts To Be Be In Love (3:39)
5.The River Must Flow (3:49)
6.Fly Into This Night (3:25)
7.Crazy Life (2:53)
8.Nightwalker (5:10)
9.Brother To Brother (7:18)
10.One Night With You (4:19)
11.Wheels Of Life (4:30)
12.Love Of My Life (4:30)
13.People Gotta Move (3:19)
14.Powerful People (6:09)
15.Mama Coco (3:07)
16.Love Me Now (3:52)
17.Black Cars (3:07)
18.Wild Horses (4:38)

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