CAPTAIN & TENNILLE - THE COMPLETE HITS Captain & Tennille: Ultimate Collection: The Complete Hits 3145209012 The early 1970s was a great time in pop music for family acts. Sibling singers like Carpenters, the Jackson Five and the Osmonds were some of the top acts of the day, paving the way for a whole genre that drove hit radio through the decade. From this era also emerged one of the most successful husband and wife teams in music history, the Captain and Tennille. When Daryl Dragon, part-time Beach Boy and son of Oscar-winning orchestra arranger/ conductor Carmen Dragon, met Toni Tennille, budding composer and daughter of Big Band era singer, Frank Tennille, it was a fateful event that would shape their entire future. They first met in 1971, in the lobby of a theater in San Francisco where a musical play, called Mother Earth, that Toni had written with Ron Thronson, was playing. She was looking for a keyboard player for the show, and Daryl (nicknamed “Captain Keyboard” due to his penchant for wearing a skipper’s cap) applied for the job in person while on a break from touring with the Beach Boys. It was partnership at first sight, as Toni took a quick liking to Daryl and hired him on the spot. When the show closed a couple of months later, Daryl returned the favor, asking Toni to join the Beach Boys as their only female member. Daryl and Toni toured with the Beach Boys for a season, and returned to Los Angeles together, where they began performing as a duo. As a nightclub act, the pair began to attract a healthy local following as regulars at The Smokehouse, in Encino. They recorded a demo tape of seven songs, and Daryl began to shop them to labels as the local buzz grew. While Toni and Daryl were still examining their options, a pair of local DJs came to see their act, and told them if they could get a record to them, they’d play it on the air.


1.Love Will keep Us Together 3:24
2.The Way I Want To Touch You 2:41
3.Disney Girls 4:45
4.I Write The Songs 3:25
5.Lonely Night (Angel Face) 3:16
4.Shop Around 3:26
6.Muskrat Love 3:47
7.Wedding Song (There Is Love) 3:18
8.Song Of Joy 3:13
9.Can’t Stop Dancin’ 3:49
10.Come In From The Rain 4:34
11.Circles 2:43
12.I’m On My Way 2:49
13.You Never Done It Like That 3:19
14.You Need A Woman Tonight 3:14
15.Do That To Me One More Time 4:13
16.Love On A Shoestring 3:37
17.Happy Together (A Fantasy) 5:26
18.Gentle Stranger 3:59
19.Keeping Our Love Warm 2:54
20.We Never Really Say Goodbye 2:17
21.Por Amor Viviremos 3:23

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