ANGELA WINBUSH Ultimate Collection In recent years, the word ‘diva’ has been bandied about with little regard for its original meaning which, according to Webster, is “a prima donna in grand opera.” Every new young starlet who happens to have a decent vocal range is considered a ‘diva’ and the assignation has been applied more for temperament than talent. As the British might say, you only have to throw a ‘wobbler’ (as in, go off, get in a rage, be nasty, etc.) to be termed a ‘diva’ by music industry insiders and media alike. What, you might ask, does this have to do with Àngela Winbush? Well, it’s pretty simple: if we apply the dictionary definition of the word to the extraordinary Ms. Winbush, we can rightfully say that she is indeed a diva of the highest order. Forget about temperament, attitude or manner: Àngela’s consummate vocal skills place her head and shoulders above most of those who have been tagged ‘diva’ in the last five, nay, ten years. You have any doubt? Just listen to the soulful music on this sumptuous first-time ever collection of her work dating from her early ’80s duets with René Moore through to her late ’80s and ’90s solo recordings.


1.I Love You More - René and Angela [single version]
2.My First Love - René and Angela [single version]
3.Save Your Love (For #1)- René and Angela
4.I’ll Be Good - René and Angela [single version]
5.Your Smile - René and Angela [single version]
6.You Don’t Have to Cry - René and Angela[single version]
7.Angel [album version]
8.Run to Me [album version]
9.C’est Toi (It’s You) [single version]
10.Hello Beloved [album version] a duet with Ronald Isley
11.It’s the Real Thing [album version]
12.No More Tears [album version]
13.Lay Your Troubles Down
14.a duet with Ronald Isley
15.Please Bring Your Love Back [album version]
16.Treat U Rite [album version]
17.Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) [Radio Mix]
18.Floatin’ on Your Love - The Isley Brothers featuring Ronald Isley & Àngela Winbush [Soul 19.Inside Radio Edit]

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