The DRUGS are on ! Brain On Drugs-The voice of reason echoes throughout the opening cut.It's zeep message is part of a sound that can be traced back to the group Funkadelic.And it's imagery of ghoulish wisdom tinged with both humor and horror. Never Ever- sounds like it is an open letter to a woman who refuses to love. Even though she is treated like a queen,"she treats him like a dog,treat me like an old playgirl magazine".With some real foot applied to the drums,Robert "Chicken"Burke explodes into the kit with emotion to match the fury that is Clip's lead vocal.The beat has a Led Zeppelin meets P-Funk vibe.

Often the relevance of a a talented artist can be overstated by fans,and yet still underrated by the music industry at large.Now ,when the name GARRY SHIDER is mentioned to those who know something about funk,you don't have to say much further about the legendary sessions,live concerts,and straight up Funk History this brother has been a part of since as early 1971 with the Parliafunkadelicment Thang.But,for a lot of people,his contributions have gone under the radar.Being one member of a supergroup like P-Funk can be the ultimate training ground for excellent musicians ,in fact,Garry Shider,Michael "Clip" Payne,Lige Curry,and Andre' Foxxe of DRUGS all come from P-Funk.But, this time with DRUGS ,we get to hear them up front doing an entirely "nuther" thing.Which brings a lot of satisfaction to the zeep maggots who have followed George Clinton's Funk Mob and have always wanted to get a dose of what would happen if Garry could sing lead full time,and play some guitar on some tunes other than the hit songs that are the core of P-Funk's repertoire.

Garry Shider's lead vocal,and guitar on the songs,'Strung Out'and 'Jealousy'are exactly the way many of wefunk fans have been wanting to hear him.These grooves give him enough thick wah wah,reverberatioinal-soul,and a slow enough beat that he can let his growling and moaning take it's time and ease out as creatively as possible. Next 'Mis-America'-Has a steady flow that has a vocal delivered as rapidly as mid-west rappers like Crucial Conflict.The dominating bellows of raspy soul are alternated between J.Eppard,Garry ,and Michael "Clip"Payne. 'Daddy's Got A Secret'-More slippery use of vintage funk sounds.All real deal,no almost drums,or out of place excessive noise.This is dead on the money,stop on a dime ,old time FUNK.DRUGS are less like what funk is when it's dilluted with other trendy non-potent-yet-substantial forms of music that derived from it,and more of what Funk is when it was born from the dark,smoked out sweaty juke joints. Oh yeah,these DRUGS are uncut!

'Alabama'-A little ditty sung by Clip Payne about an old man,a steel guitar,an easy laid back tune, vibe,and life.Groundbreaking in the sense that,it's not the typical style that comes from a group one would associate with today's P-Funk.It utilizes the talents and influences from the genres of the"jam band",as well as country.Jimmy Eppard's harp and lap steel goodtar are as mellow as a mug. 'Sanitation Engineer'-Wow!THIS IS THE CUT I'VE WANTED TO HEAR SINCE I SAW THEM LIVE!..Ok,ok...'Deep Down In the Dumps'-"Sometimes selfish love can make you go insane".So true,"she always picks me up,when I be down in the dumps"This is some funky shit.This tune was written and co-produced by George Clinton. On'Strangest Life'-you can tell there are a lot of texture to these tracks.The melodies,backing vocals,keys,strumming as well as thumpin' and stroking are all in one syncopation.DRUGS has a tranquil effect on you.This being my first complete dose ,I'm havin' a good feeling .

Track 12,'I Wonder If',reminds me of 'I'll Stay' by Funkadelic.It's a steady move to some real Eddie Hazel type of licks.Robert "Chicken"Burke and Adam Widoff go all the way off on this direct time machine transfer from the planet splurge..indeed the GHOSTLY FUNK PRESENT is on the same vibe as the past on this cut.An intrumental that is so funky that it could've been released in 1970. Then'Freedom Came'-"The man finds it hard"Clip Payne's commanding lead attack dog vocal is unmistakable.The issue is the ultimate food for the human spirit ,freedom.As I heard George Clinton say,"I don't need to hear anymore".When you have a concept of "freedom "as central to the theme,then we have a very important recording on our hands.The loose free Woodstock crew ,that is DRUGS know somethin' about that too.Communing,jamming,and partaking in nature's offerings.

'Cold Hearted World'-More insight into what makes you feel alright.A brief musical interlude and a long way around about what this world can do for your mindstate if you let it. Overall a good balance between the funk recording that I'd like to create in my mind worthy of presenting to all the old Funkadelic maggots,the dead funk converts and a new attention who is suffering and ill enough to need DRUGS in order to heal them into love,freedom,and funkiness beyond limitations or interpretations.

Reviewed For P-Funk Historian~ Robert"Maggot Minister"Ward
Compiled For Tatt II

1.Brain On Drugs ~ListenNow
2.Never Ever
3.Strung Out ~ListenNow
4.Jealousy ~ListenNow
5.Mis-America ~ListenNow
6.Daddy's Got A Secret ~ListenNow
9.Sanitation Engineer
10.Deep Down In The Dumps
11.Strangest Life ~ListenNow
12.I Wonder If ~ListenNow
13.Freedom Came ~ListenNow
14.Cold Hearted World
15.Lethal Lew Speaks Out ~ListenNow
16.Keeps You Runnin'
17.Grace ~ListenNow

Fea:The West Woody Posse

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