SHEILA HORNE-BRODY IS THE ROCK SINGER OF THE P-FUNK. Much like Tina Turner,or Ruth Copeland,she can capture the wild vibe while being very sexy.She comes to mind as the seriously hard edged voice of the BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN on 'Party Up In Here',and at the end of 'Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy',as well as a current feature of George Clinton's Parliament/Funkadelic.

'�7� Roses' her solo CD is a step into the future of the funk.This original funk diva gets off with some electrified,keys ,guitars and beats. The opening cut 'Got To See Ya' features some stretched out cries of want,backed by a track that has a nice latin guitar run to the break. 'Mother' comes on with some strings that quickly turn into a rave worthy electric frenzy,with a fuzztoned metal flavored guitar,then it's back to the strings bringing the track to a pause only to be lifted again by the lead guitar chops.Sheila's growl is like that of a wild feline "WOWWWW-WAHH!" 'Same Damn Thing'is a wide scope sing-a-long,with some nice backing vocals to go along with Sheila's heartfelt decree of universality."Everybody's looking for the same damn thang." 'Tell Me' is recognizable as "p-funky"right away with a heavy bass and the use of the legendary quicca sound of Funkadelic.It features Steve Boyd on slippery bass and Daryl Moon on drum kit and seriously funky guitar plucking and lead flammables.This is a monster groove. Anything' kicks ass! Some tight drumming on this track,refreshing and hard hitting all around live sound.The guitar mix,is hot and it makes you want to get up and bob that head,throw your funk sign in the air.

'No Ordinary Man' is a slow jam that has some elements of a jazz song.It's piano ,and smooth guitar lay down the groove ,as Sheila tells a man about the things that drive her to fulfillment.Sheila's vocal range really is evident as she takes it from high to low octave jollies.'Garden Of Eden'-is a funky version of the Iron Butterfly classic'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'.It features some sizzling lead guitar throughout by Michael"Kidd Funkadelic"Hampton,as Sheila goes psychedelic with reverb and multi-layered 'Free Your Mind..' type vocal tracks.The guitar patterns are really varied ,and go crazy at the end melting into a smoldering stew of electric vibe. 'Turn The Light On'is some solid funk groove.Co-written with Sheila by Gabe Gonzales of Enemy Squad it reeks of funky production that sounds like a hard funk alien invasion.The sound is full as the guitar and keys churn up a at a steady pace taking you to a climatic command from Sheila,"Turn the light on"!

Can't Fall' has Sheila doing a funk rock song in the vein of a Mother 's Finest type thang.The vocals are well layered in arrangement where as it seems Sheila is coming at you from front and background.The guitar has some long held notes and metal chops that are hard.TURN IT ALL THE WAY UP!!!!!! 'You Ain't The Man' has a fuzz attack on top of a drum track,while Ms. Horne blows some funky Tina-eqsue wild screams for the funk fans dreams. 'Hey Soilder' has some fuzzed out licks to go along with Sheila's ultimate in rock singing.The two elements seem to echo each other ,as Sheila rarely pauses from her funky vocal assault and nasty guitars snarl with that unmistakable Michael Hampton Scaladelic sound in effect repeating along with Sheila's melody. 'Peace'is a danceable funk with a very relevant message."Until nations can live in harmony".This tune has mass appeal and is p-funky still.It breaks down with enough room for some real gloryholla from Sheila. 'What About You' is a mellow but groovin' ballad that showcases Sheila range ,and features a nasty guitar solo from Daryl Moon. This, Sheila Horne's solo release is a totally unique project.Unlike anything I've heard from the FUNK before.It features her taste and strengths in the funk rock as well as the ballad and straight up funk stylees.

Reviewed For Noted P-Funk Historian~ Robert"Maggot Minister "Ward

1.Got To See Ya ~ListenNow
2.Mother ~ListenNow
3.Same Damn Thing ~ListenNow
4.Tell Me ~ListenNow
5.Anything ~ListenNow
6.No Ordinary Man ~ListenNow
7.Garden Of Eden ~ListenNow
8.Turn The Light On ~ListenNow
9.Can't Fall ~ListenNow
10.You Aint The Man ~ListenNow
11.Hey Soldier ~ListenNow
12.Peace ~ListenNow
13.What About You ~ListenNow

Produced By:Sheila Horne,Michael Hampton,Daryl Moon
Gabe Gonzalez,Jennifer Stahl & Janice Dempsey
Executive Producer / A&R (For RawFunkRecords) : Daryl Moon


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