'Acappella Unsung Love Song(Sloppy Metal)' starts with George Clinton's unmistakable lead vocal.Mike's guitar soars through space,as Roger Parker bangs on the traps. "WORDS ROLL OFF MY MOUTH LIKE WATER OVER THE CLIFF OF A GREAT FALL" The sound is as spellbounding as a soundtrack from a dream.But, "NOW THAT I'M SINGING THIS SONG IS REAL" A song of love not sung?Yet manifest from a region that sings as if to be real on a level beyond the normal concioussness? Things aren't so pretty on the next track as Mike is a shredder straight from the gate! He sounds like a one man AIR RAID!Fasten your safety belts! 'Me Anti?' has some monster licks that just plain kick ass. It amounts to all the guitar attack that Mike hasn't had a chance to play on records that put his guitar playing in a "baby mix"underneath the vocals.These instrumentals are nothing but "TURN IT UP AND LET IT RIP!" On the cut 'Tryin' To Get Out Dis World Alive' Mike takes the metal theme across the bridge,and then doesn't forget that rhythm guitar in the middle.It has the Parliament/Funkadelic feel.

Leaving the metal guitar flavor of the other tracks for a minute. 'Comebacksly' is a great song that features Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band on keyboards and lead vocals,along with George Clinton,Belita Woods.This is some funk for your rump!The beat ,and vocal hook are irresistable.It reminds me of some of the P-Funk that was done in the late 70s.The keys,and funky beat are enough to make you turn on your flashlight and put on your sunglasses. Where is the metal club you can go to when you want the music to be a fusion of great nonstop guitar riffs?Why,'Club Metalfunkadelamack' of course.Where guitars run wild screaming of the open road. 'Cracked Up Soilder' is a ghostly rendition of the riff from Funkadelic's 'Funk Get's Stronger Pt.1'from the cd 'The Electric Spanking Of War Babies'.It recreates the sound with a wider scoped harder edge to it.It sounds off like a march through a wasteland. 'Wrongsidius'is a string stretching finger bender that has Mike go all the way to the edge playing solos and then even a step further.

'Chronic Reggae' is funk/reggae as it always seems to filter through the P-Funk Mob.Much like 'Shockwaves' from Funkadelic,it has the reggae feel,but something about it won't go all the way in it's imitation of reggae and it still has the unmistakable Funkadelic vibe. 'Time To Get Up' is a ripped out hard driven jam.It has licks that are much like the long version instrumental of 'One Nation Under A Groove',converted to hard rock background music.This song was also a part of many live performances by the P-Funk Allstars,and has Mike reaching for what sounds like his bread & butter selection of guitarisms.And this idea is further employed on the next cut 'Duh Kidd Funkadelic Anthem' on which the Kidd revisits his own guitar parts that are the Hall Of Fame Licks. Sampling is NOT how he does it!He is still able to reproduce all those licks at any given time that will send a Funkadelic fan's memory banks into funky overdrive.A little bit of 'Funkadelic's'(Not Just)Knee Deep',and to another beat ,and Micheal's guitar seems to tell stories past ,present and future.

'Girlz Of Duh World' is hardrock with a loose vocal that sounds like the Kidd himself. This song has an end all attitude and amplitude that are amplified! It'll make some question what in the world are the feelings we are even after.Along with his cousin Lige Curry they play loud and scream, "EVEN IF WE DON'T GET PAID,.... WE'LL FIGURE OUT SOMETHIN' ..SISTA".... This cd is some fun for a guitar player jack!

~~Review By Noted P-Funk Historian/Robert"Maggot Minister"Ward

1.Acappella Unsung Love Song(Sloppy Metal)
2.Sloppy Metal(Unsung Love Song) 5:06 ~ListenNow
3.Me Anti? 1:23
4.Heavy Metal Funkadelic 6:45 ~ListenNow
5.Comebacksly 4:08 ~ListenNow
6.Club Metalfunkadelamack 5:07
7.Cracked Up Soldier 6:32 ~ListenNow
8.Wrongsididus 4:32 ~ListenNow
9.Chronic Reggae 5:51 ~ListenNow
10.Time To Get Up 6:41 ~ListenNow
11.Duh Kidd Funkadelic Anthem 5:05
12.Backindadaze 3:44
13.Girlz Of Duh World 5:40 ~ListenNow
14.Acapella Unsung Love Sung(Sloppy Metal)
15.MaggotBrain "Live"(Bonus Track)14:30 ~ListenNow

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