4-Track Treasure Part II & An Introspective

These two CDs are a testament to bassist Lige Curry taking matters into his own hands to get his funk out. 4-Track Treasure can be considered a home recording project featuring a few live tracks, snippets and a few complete tracks, while An Introspective may be its more polished successor recorded in a more formal studio setting. Lige Curry is the regular bassist with the P-Funk All-Stars and handles the bass here except for those tracks where Starr Cullars lays the bottom down. Starr is an occasional PFAS bassist and leader of her own band: Starr Cullars and The Enterprise. Also joining Lige are band mates, DeWayne Blackbyrd McKnight, Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton on guitars, Garry Shider (also adds vocals), saxophonist Scott Taylor and PFAS leader George Clinton has a vocal cameo. The overall approach on these two discs is “heavy metal funk”. Guitars and basses are recorded with a bit of fuzz and feedback, giving the recording a “dirty”, funky feel.

The live tracks on 4 Track showcase Lige in performance. On “The P-Funk Show” he’s featured with Garry Shider trying to work up a crowd for a rehearsal of a landing of “the new Mothership”. “Live PUNK All-Stars” features a blistering Coltrane-like sax attack by Scott Taylor on the intro to “Pfunk Wants to Get ToFunk Up”. “They Are Here” features George Clinton’s chants atop a hammering Mike Hampton solo while Lige plays the“Booty” bass line. The “heavy metalfunk” continues on the remaining tracks. Most notable is “I’ll Kick Yo Mother Funkin Ass” which shows up on both discs (in two different mixes on An Introspective). A playful, yet aggressive, piece of funk that works to release the pent-up frustrations hinted at in the lyrics. An Introspective also features two different mixes of “Show Biz”. The duplication gives both discs a feeling of experimentation and not mere replication. Current rumors hint that some of these tracks and snippets may end up on the next major label release by Funkadelic and/or Parliament. These discs can serve as a window into what some members of PFAS have been up to during this overlong wait.

Reviewed For TheFunkStore.com..By/Noted P-Funk Scholar&Los Angeles CA. Writer~Clyde"CM"Talley

1.Show Biz ~ListenNow
2.Just The Little Things You Do~ListenNow
3.If You Want It Go & Get It~ListenNow
5.Kick Yo Mutha Funkin Ass~ListenNow
6.ShowBiz (The Remix)~ListenNow
7.Kick Yo Mutha Funkin Ass(The Remix)

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1.The PFunk Show Starring Gary&Lige ~ListenNow
3.Mike's World~ListenNow
4.Rock & Roll Me ~ListenNow
5.Funk Drunk
6.I'll Kick Yo MotherFunkin Ass
8.See You~ListenNow
9.Live P-Funk Allstars Fea.Scott Taylor~ListenNow
10.New World
11.$2500.00 Suite Sucker~ListenNow
13.They Are Here Fea..George Clinton~ListenNow
14.Burning For Your Love
15.Funk(Oh It's Got To Be
16.Bound To Be

©2005**"Kurrie-Colors Music"

$14.98...**NOW : $12.98//$3.00 S/h

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