Crazy Bout You' is a song that smells of 'P'in it's funkiness.The lead vocal chores are handled by George Clinton while a harmonious background chorus featuring Garry and Linda Shider bust in,in time and with precision of a traditional Funkadelic vocal arrangement.Cut while on tour in Japan with P-Funk,this cut like many so called "solo"by these funksters ,actually could as easily be a P-Funk Allstar or George Clinton record.

'Ghetto Invaders' is a track that features Garry and Linda Shider on vocals.The lyrics are from the'Garry Diaperman Shider Lyrics Contest Winner',Nancy Kribbs.It calls out to that searching for truth and provides that bit of funk philosophical 'P' to get you phree.

'The Rainbow' takes you to church to testify,and the funk administered in this sermon of moanin'and growlin' is only matched by some down zeep organ playing throughout.Upbeat and funky with hand clapping out of your seat gospel groove.CAUTION:You can get the holy ghost listening to this one!

'Glory' is a beautiful track that has a majestic feel to it.You can envision clouds opening up,sun shining as everyone harmonizes "glory",Garry sings,"she said,if I could touch the hem of his garment I would be made holy."You can feel the spirit in this.The sound is great as Garry voice can be heard at different places in the mix,distant ..then closer.You feel the glory coming toward you.

'The Light(Rainbow pt.2)'is a continuation into the gospel singing of the previous two tracks.This time,just a bit of organ and a some real slick licks of Garry's a lead guitar solo take this track into some funktified sanctification!As this one begins to fade out,you want to turn up the volume to catch every last note of the solo.
OH!!!!! Now 'Side 2 Side' is some straight up FONK!You have to get up and shake somethin' on this one.Dagistan!Lead vocals by Linda Shider and Shirley Hayden of Parlet fame.One of funkiest cuts I 've heard in a good while.Also on the track are Cordell "Boogie"Mosson and Michael"Clip"Payne,providing a tight funk mob tie.About half of the way through the song Garry lights it up with yet another flammable guitar solo.

'Diaperman ,The Second Coming' is some enjoyable listening all the way through.It has a great balance of spirituality,good music some down dirty straight up funk in the final track.Just when you thought it was safe,Garry keeps coming back with a new improved version of an already perfect funk.

Reviewed For TheFunkStore.com..By/Noted P-Funk Historian~ Robert"Maggot Minister "Ward

1.Do Do Wah ~ListenNow
2.Funky 1
3.Ghetto Invaders~ListenNow
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6.The Boy's Room

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1.Crazy Bout You~ListenNow
2.Ghetto Invaders
3.The Rainbow~ListenNow
4.Glory (W/Vocals) ~ListenNow
5.The Light
6.Side To Side ~ListenNow

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