Planet of the Fish - Alien Lovestock

Alien Lovestock is a funk-oriented rock band co-led by Eric McFadden. McFadden currently is the mandolinist/guitarist in the touring version of Parliament-Funkadelic. Other band members include Anton Kozikowski vocals and lead guitar, Charles Gasper bass and guitar and Paulo Baldi drums. The songs on Planet of the Fish feature clean, sharp guitar lines with an occasional hint of bluegrass. Song titles like "Warhol's Maze", "Make Yourself @ Home", and "Lovetractors 4 Sale" suggest a playful wry humor. The lone instrumental on the disc, "Room #8", features a romantic touch of flamenco.

The connection to P-Funk stands out on the more than 8-minute jam entitled "Alien Love". It features George Clinton and Belita Woods. The song abounds with imagery of pro-creation and "bringing new flesh". George is in fine form twisting phrases into wordplay: "so far ahead of my time; nothing but coming up behind hindsight; I'm right behind the past". He coaxes Eric into a splendid solo guitar workout.

This CD has some really nice touches; some steeped deeper in funk than others. McFadden is an authoritative and commanding voice on guitar. His continuing association with George Clinton bodes well for the "new flesh" the P-Funk empire needs to emerge from the shadows of the underground.

Reviewed For P-Funk Scholar&Los Angeles CA. Writer~Clyde"CM"Talley

1.Warhol's Maze ~ListenNow
2.The Trip
3.Make YourSelf@Home ~ListenNow
4.Gone ~ListenNow
6.Alien Love(fea:George Clinton) ~ListenNow
7.Room #8 ~ListenNow
9.LoveTractors 4 Sale
10.Into The Black ~ListenNow
12.Suicide Jack



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